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Ashort summary of the show

The scene is set in a typical saloon in a small town in the Wild West. Sitting at a table, playing cards, are three outlaws waiting for the leader of their gang to arrive, the barman is sweeping the floor.

Bad bob, the leader of the gang enters and greets his fellow outlaws. He orders drinks from the barman and they play cards. There is an argument followed by a duel. Later Bad Bob explains his latest plan to hold up Casey Jones´train.

Bad Bob and the gang are in the desert, hiding behind an old cactus. One of the gang has been tied to the train traces to stop the train, however this plan fails with tragic results. Plan two is put into operation immediately. This time Casey Jones falls into their hands and the money is stolen. Sheriff Ruben Blood has followed the gang  to where they have camped down for the night.

Bad Bob shares out the stolen money and they discuss how they will spend it. The sheriff moves in to make the arrest but everything is not as it seems.

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