domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013



“Thanksgiving day” is celebrated in United States the last week of November. That day it is time to remember how indian natives helped to puritans to survive in the New World. They arrived in Winter and with not enough food, so they were very thankful for having the help of those people.
In 19th century, the president of government considered it as oficial party and normally, after thanksgiving day, it starts the “black friday shopping”, that it is the first day for Christmas shopping.
To celebrate “Thanksgiving day”, people usually have a big meal with family consisting on stuffing turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy and vegetables and pumpkin pie.
In our class we have studying this celebration having the oportunity of asking our doubts to Collin, our native american in the school. At the end, we have made turkey crafts to decorate our boards. In this way, children are involved not just in the language, but also in the English culture.


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