martes, 23 de abril de 2013


Spring has started and Ellie, the Butterfly and Laila the dragonfly, are playin in the garden, enjoying a wonderful day and a brilliant sun. 
Suddenly, while they are playing, they see Duda, the friendly worm, laying on a flower.

ELLIE: Hey!!! Laila, look at Duda!!! Let´s say him hello!!!

LAILA: Brilliant!!! And maybe, he wants to play with us.

Ellie and Laila go next to Duda, who is very quite.

ELLIE AND LAILA: Hello Duda!!! How long!!! How are you?

DUDA: Ummmmm hello.

ELLIE: Uauuu! Duda, what´s the matter?

LAILA: Are you ok?

DUDA: Oh no!!! Not really. I have a terrible cold.

ELLIE: But have you worn your coat last winter?

DUDA: Yes, yes.

LAILA: And your scarf and gloves?

DUDA: Yes, girls, sure.

ELLIE: And have you eaten hot soap and much fruit?

DUDA: Pufff ... no. I only eat apples.

LAILA: Only apples???

ELLIE: But you can not eat only apples?

DUDA: But that is what I like?

LAILA: You have to eat other fruits, like oranges, pears, bananas, kiwis...

DUDA: Are you sure?

ELLIE: By the way of kiwis, The other day I listened to the radio and they said that if you eat a kiwi a day, you never have a cold.

LAILA: Duda, Why don´t you try it?

DUDA: I don´t know. And do you say that all the fruits are tasty and if I eat a kiwi a day a don´t get a cold?

ELLIE: Yes, really, we eat a lot of fruit and look how healthy we are.

DUDA: Ok, I will try!!! Bye girls.

ELLIE AND LAILA: See you soon.

A month later, another sunny day in the garden. Ellie and Laila are playing around the flowers.

LAILA: Ellie, look, it is Duda, let´s go and see him.

ELLIE: Yes, let´s go, and we ask him about his cold.

ELLIE AND LAILA: Hello Duda, How are you?

DUDA: Hello Ellie, hello Laila, I´m very happy. I did what you told me!!!

Now I eat a lot of fruits and they are very very tasty, and I fell wonderful!!!

I eat a kiwi every day, and look at me, my cold has gone!!!

Thank you Ellie, thank you Laila for your advice!!!

(Autora: Mª José Cuevas Jiménez, maestra de inglés)
Teatro realizado con alumnos de 5º y 6º de E. Primaria. 


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